Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For a friends 50th Birthday I was looking at cakes when I came across the idea for a Saggy Boob Scarf! Loved the idea so I packed up the kids and headed to Wallmart to find some skin toned fabric:) After four failed attempt I finally got a decent decent shape to the boobs!! I tried adding rice as some people said they had used, but felt like the scarf was choking me, so I ended up going with pillow batting. I added some baby bottle nipples, just cut off the part that the bottle holds onto, and used spray adhesive. My Mom also turns 50 this year so the next one should take 20 mins to cut out and sew!! I also had just shopped at Victoria's Secret and still had the bag, so I cut out Fabulous 50 on the Cricut and glued it to the bag! Also made a cute card to match but forgot to get pict's! The gift was a hit!! She wore it all night!! And everyone played with her nipples!!lol

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