Saturday, March 19, 2011

Late Happy St. Paddy's

For Saint Patrick's Day I volunteered to make a themed snack for the kindergarten class and their Gr. 5 Buddies, So I made 40 green jello's with green whipping cream and rainbow sprinkles!! So yummy:) Also made some time to make some silver satin flowers, so pretty, to see what they look like.

More She Art Workshop Stuff

So I was playing around with my first girl and tried fixing her, but still not happy! Had so much fun with the background but the girl is quite challenging, for me!! I'm much happier with the 2nd girl but need to find a way to fix her chicken legs!! I'm working on my 3rd now, getting a bit easier but still find the girl frustrating!! Might need to go back and re-watch some of the She Art Workshop video's!! But still having fun with the process!! I have been watching donna downey lately and she is just so inspiring and full of creativeness!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Great Week

Had such a wonderful week! I was able to get some work and play in!! Finished mudding and sanding my boys room!!!! Started priming the walls, with help from my boys:) Need to get some pictures!!! Also, I was able to take two afternoon and work on my She Art Workshop and pretty much completed my week 1 She Art Girl Canvas!!!! And it was my girlfriends daughters 2nd Birthday this weekend so at last minute I decided to pull out my Yudu and make her a personalized t-shirt:) I wish every week was like this!! I feel so much better being able to get creative and love the mess!!