Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Snowing Again...

Well were getting another dose of that fluffy white stuff here in Whitecourt:) Which means gardening will get pushed off for a little longer!! And that means I still have some time to scrapbook guilt free!!!!! But the kids don't feel the same! They want to go biking in town... But since they have slep in there own bed for 7 days they got to open up and play with a new toy we bought at the Mom, Pop and Tot's Fair last Friday!!! The boy's played with it (Marbulous) for almost an hour this morning while had my morning coffee and checked out facebook and a few blogs, then it was time for me to go help them put it together!!!! Almost a hour I think!!! But my boy's sure are enjoying it for the time being!! How long before they tear it apart and decide I need to come fix it???
Austin and Logan focusing on the game!

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